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Here are some reviews from our audiences!

Arizona has a real buzz during the annual Comedy Festival. My family and I took a vacation in Arizona near at the venue of Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. We saw 4 different shows for 2 nights and it was fantastic.


Lauren –
I could say that it was insanely fun. Watching Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is definitely a thing that you have to watch. Arizona comes even more alive upon the events. There are so many happenings every night of September. We go to the comedy festival each year, it just seems that Arizona is the perfect host to so many tourists at the time of the year when the weather is great.


If you have never been to the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival before it can be a bit daunting trying to figure out who to see. Check the numerous of acts performing at the comedy festival. You can see lots of emerging performers that really has a talent for making people laugh. Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is a must if you are in Tempe, Arizona you can get here any time on any day of September. They will be off to Los Angeles in Spring Season so you better get hurry and watch the event in Arizona before September ends. This is for everyone and your kids will love it too.


I suggest putting this on your bucket list when you planning to come here in Arizona. A well organized, diverse and affordable comedy festival which brings your life full of laughter. We’ve spent the weekend enjoying Eugene Mirman Comedy Show together with the coffee, arts, and restaurants of Arizona. It’s a great time to be staying in the city when there is this kind of festival.