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About Us

The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is founded in 2008. It is the world’s first sincere and ironic comedy festival in the U.S. that celebrates a close-knit comedy community while making fun of the frills of comedy festivals.

The independent comedy festival event is run, produced and hosted by Eugene Mirman and his good friend Julie Swift. It takes place in Tempe, Arizona every September and in Los Angeles, California every spring. Performers love to participate in the comedy festival because of their eagerness for this dumb, but charming, annual tradition.

Eugene Mirman is a famous standup comedian, a writer, and a host in various shows and radio. He’s currently a writer in a famous channel on TV. He is also the creator and host of a hit live show and podcast. In this comedy live show, some comedians participants will try to guess some questions. Eugene Mirman’s shows have been featured in various magazine and TV shows such as LA Weekly, The Arizona Globe, The 100 Best Things in Comedy and several more. They described Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival and his shows as one-of-a-kind many times in their articles and news. With this recognition and commendation from the people watching behind us, we feel more inspired and motivated.

The annual comedy festival is such a huge hit. And because of that, we are taking the fun and laughter in Las Vegas this year. The happiness of people watching in our show motivates us to do more shows and do our every performance well on the stage.

Thank you so much for your time reading our story! We love to see you around in here. May we suggest to keep on browsing on our site to know more about the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival and how to connect with us through the social media.